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Daddy's Blog - Words from the Heart of Max's Dad
December 3, 2008: I Have Something to Tell You

I can vividly remember a conversation this time last year with my wife Annemarie. Max was well into his chemotherapy treatments, and I was out of a job. Those that I worked for at the time on Wall Street saw me as weak, unfocused and more of a liability than an asset. ( Could they ever walk in my shoes?)

It was exactly one year ago that I walked away, not knowing if I would ever go back. Walking out those doors that day was the beginning of something - but at that time I had no idea what it was. Time would tell...

Annemarie then, told me that she wanted to have another child. I became very upset. We have two boys, of which one has cancer. I have no job. What was she thinking? She told me that we can't let our troubles and struggles today, hold us back. "Today was temporary. Tough times don't last forever and don't let it define us." she said. I did not want to hear it and walked away.

As you may or may not know, I had a heart attack on September 18th of this year. I was in Nashville, Tennessee recording my album "The Journey". It was a surreal experience. I was alone and in a hospital 900 miles from home. It was just me, the images of my family in my mind and God.

When I woke up, Annemarie, my Dad, Mother and brother were there by my side. They flew down immediately after they heard the news.

Annemarie stayed with me for three days while I recovered from the surgery. She needed to get back to the boys who were with my sister-in-law and her family. My brother and mother left as well. I stayed in a nearby hotel with my dad for another week. I was not cleared to fly.

After being away from the boys for almost 2 weeks, I landed in LaGuardia Airport and raced home. When I opened the door, Max was sleeping on the couch, Alexander was in his bedroom taking a nap and Annemarie was resting in our bed.

I was exhausted from the medication I was on and crawled up next to her. I kissed her cheek. She rolled over and kissed me back. She then sat up. "Her eyes were watery. She said hi- I have something to tell you." There was pause. " I am pregnant".

I took a moment to digest the news. Wow, she held back from telling me while she was at my bedside in the hospital. She is one strong "chic". Who knows, maybe "we will have a girl, with long blonde hair and baby curls"- Time will tell....

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